Lots of Video
and not much time
Vol. 02 Issue 03


Welcome to this edition of the Deep Green Productions newsletter.  In this issue we are very proud to present 5 videos that we have been working on for several months

  • Deep Green Production

    We Interview Sean Kerrigan

    We talked with Sean about his views on our industrial society and the impact of the construct he refers to as "The Machine" and the ways in which it limits and controls our behaviour. You can view much more of Sean's work at his website at http://seankerrigan.com/ where you will find articles on Russia, Religion, George Carlin, exponential growth and much more.

  • from StormCloudsGathering

    The Terrifying Future of The United States

    Storm Clouds Gathering stands out from the rest of the pack for it excellent documentation and attractive videos.  The site is run by a young man named Sean.  He is well spoken, intelligent, and articulate.  This video outlines his vision of the future and it is accompanied by a page of reference links covering the Patriot Act, the NDAA, Abu Ghraib, No-Fly lists and much more.  The videos contention is that all of these development in the United States add  up to a very unpleasant conclusion.  But a warning - its a pretty strong video and includes a clip of U.S. Security forces on a drill that simulates a zombie attack.   The picture (by the way) is a still taken from a video "morph" from George Bush to Barack Obama

  • from Dark Journalist

    Defence Minister Paul Hellyer

    There are precious few people of public notoriety and credibility who have come out to reveal what they know about the hidden reality behind the mainstream press.  Paul Hellyer is one of them. His entry in Wikipedia describes his political career as well as his views on extra-terrestrial life.  Mr. Hellyer has recently released a comprehensive history of the means by which a few people have come to dominate our world. (see " The Money Mafia: A World in Crisis")  He is interviewed by a very capable young man that goes by the name of 'darkjournalist' who also has an impressive resume.  A look at his website shows many names that should be familiar to people that have never heard of alternative media.  We hope to interview this accomplished researcher in a future issue of this newsletter.

  • from Financial Survival Network

    Interview with John Rabino

    A more advanced understanding of the economy is provided by John Rabino.  His website, Dollar Collapse.com as a wealth of hard data in the form of charts and articles and John summarizes it beautifully. On his site at the moment is an excellent example of the information in a story entitled More Scary Numbers in which he presents a few facts about the real financial system in the U.S.  not the fiction presented by the nightly TV news.   For some of the raw numbers check out ShadowStats.com where you will find numbers on the money supply, inflation, employment and more - calculated the way thee numbers were calculated before the calculations were modified to serve a political agenda.

  • from Jim Willie

    The Jig is Up Part 2

    Jim Willie is a very popular guest on many financial and alternative mainly because he has made so many correct forecasts, but tread carefully - his reports tend toward the extreme side of the alternative world.  Mixed in with the great stuff on financial back-stories, international high level deals (Jim has some great international contacts) you will here about the real events behind the stories from Ukraine, the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and Europe.

  • From U. S. A. Watchdog

    Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

    This video is worthwhile because Dr. Roberts gives us a clear explanation for several confusing matters. In particular the conflicts in the Middle East and the U.S. involvement in the creation of ISIS.  He also gives us his take on the neo-cons in Washington, and the role of the defence contractors in U.S. foreign policy.  This video is interesting on a couple of levels - on the important level Dr. Roberts (Former Assistant Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration) reveals the U.S. involvement in the attacks on Yemen by Saudi Arabia, of lesser importance are the comments from the shows host Greg Hunter which seem to support the official narrative - his assertion that Iran has a nuclear program and his claim that the public was "belligerent" towards the police.  Quite curious for an alternative news reporter