About Deep Green

Deep Green Productions takes its name from Deep Green Resistance because they struggle for radical change in society.  We recognize this need for change and our goal is to provide our readers with the information needed to make intelligent choices about their future.  The material we provide doesn't come from mainstream media or corporate news.  It may not be as slick, but in all cases we strive for the facts and shun the propaganda provided by official sources.







About our Invited Experts

   This list is designed to impress you because these are very impressive people.  We sent invitations to everyone named and the kind people who have agreed to be on the list are shown with an asterix (*).  We will sent another "Ask the Experts" question to everyone again in the hope that more people will respond.

    Anyone that doesn't wish to appear on this list will, of course, be immediateky removed with our apologies.  By the same token, anyone wishing to be on our "Experts" list can send  us an email.

    We try to tailor our questions to the skills and experience of the recipient, and we also try to avoid sending questions to our experts twice in a row.



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The Fine Line

Blogs of the "collapse" genre cover a wide spectrum of view-points from the "Doomsday Preppers" to "Transition Towns". Most writers within this group understand that change is coming and the resulting opinions cover an equally broad range.  In a world in the midst of an unprescedented change, predictions about the future must be seen with caution.

We all want to build a safe, happy, and prosperous world - the sort of world described by The Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project - a world that provides for the needs of its inhabitants - human and non-human.  But if we are to have any chance at a better world, people need to get involved.

The dilemma we face is providing the material that will generate concern and action, while avoiding the material that will generate fear and withdrawl. As the days advance and we watch the rich getting richer at some point the population will say "enough".

At that point a great battel will ensue the outcome of which, if we are lucky and somehow escape the predictions of many environmental scientists, will determine the quality of life for generations to come.