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  Q: Will America survive and what will it look like?

From Guy McPherson activist and author of a number of books including Going Dark.


    I strongly suspect America will fall, and relatively soon. When it does, the planet will heat rapidly, thereby precluding habitat for humans in the continental interior of every large continent. Only coastal America will harbor habitat for humans.

     The humans living in North America in coastal regions will be subjected to the catastrophic meltdown of nuclear facilities. The resulting fires will be unlike anything this planet has witnessed.  Nonetheless, in the absence of abrupt climate change,┬áhumans would survive for a few generations along coastal North America.

Due to ongoing abrupt climate change, however, habitat for humans will disappear from the northern hemisphere within a decade.

     I cannot imagine the United States government surviving. For starters, the ability to transmit and receive information will be severely compromised. Food will no longer be grown and distributed at a large scale.

How this looks at a local level remains to be seen. We cannot predict the future with great accuracy, but we get to create the future. Whether we come together in community or fall into a "Mad Max" scenario is our choice.

From David Hooper writer and filmmaker creator of The Anatomy of a Great Deception


There are many levels of answers to this question. But to simplify it into one succinct answer that embodies all the elements mentioned above, my simple answer is that the motivation is to create a total control system for the population, which will then be used for more sinister purposes. -


From Steve St. Angelo market analyst and researcher SRS Roccoro Report

    The United States was formed on cheap and abundant energy and will disintegrate as the opposite occurs. I would imagine the U.S. probably would

     The use of financial leverage amassing debt and derivatives at an exponential rate over the past 10-15 years will unravel with breath-taking speed. Thus, the financial, economic and supply chain system that we Americans need to sustain our complex lifestyle, will probably end more abruptly than we realize.... quite shockingly so.

     The canary in the coal mine for this upcoming collapse will likely be the peak and decline of U.S. shale oil and gas production. And, if the data I have seen is correct, we are probably at the peak of U.S. shale oil right now. Watch for the U.S. shale oil production to drop 500-600,000 barrels per day by the summer as energy analyst Art Berman published on his website.

     The only thing that has kept alive the weak and anemic Shale oil industry was "Increasing production." With this no longer the case, we should start to see bankruptcies of shale oil and gas companies beginning in earnest by the latter part of this year.  It is difficult to forecast how events will unfold in the grand US of A, but I have an awful feeling that it will be orders of magnitude much worse than 2008-2009 when Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers and A.I.G collapsed nearly taking down the entire financial system.